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Real-Time Data Shows Energy Storage Smoothing

Below, real-time graphics show how the batteries work to smooth solar power when clouds are present.  The batteries react to the sudden decrease in power output by immediately discharging the exact amount of stored power needed to fill the gap created by the clouds. When the battery system is smoothing it dispatches power in a consistent manner for continuous power, despite fluctuations in solar output.

When the battery system is shifting, it is dispatching stored power onto the grid.  See real time shifting simulation here.


Batteries Smoothing Live (updates every second) - Displays SVG files created in PI ProcessBook.  Batteries Smoothing Live (updates every second)

0 0 true 400 600 false PITag /Public/WEBPARTS/Prosperity test dashboard 8.svg /Public/WEBPARTS/Prosperity test dashboard 8.svg True 15000 /Public/WEBPARTS/Prosperity test dashboard 8.svg Prosperity test dashboard 8 1 false *-8h * 0 true *-8h true PITag true PITag 600 400 /Public true false true 1000 true StartTime *-2h *-2h *-2h true EndTime * * *

 Three typical scenarios that can be observed in real time grahics above

Cloudy Day
Clear Day at noon
At Night, Early Morning, or Late Evening
Observe the solar output from panels fluctuate. Observe the high solar output from panels. Observe the solar power output from panels equal 0 or very small.
Application - Batteries are smoothing. Application - Batteries are storing power for later use.
Application - Batteries are shifting. Dispatching stored power onto the grid.
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