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Integrating Renewable Energy with Battery Storage.  Why? 

You need reliable and continuous power at any given time.  Think about when you get home from work, first thing you do is turn on a light, the TV or the computer. Power has to be available in order for these functions to be performed.  

Solar PV produces power or energy throughout the day, but for obvious reasons, not at night. Even during the day, the amount of solar energy being generated can quickly drop if clouds roll over a solar array.

Utilities, like PNM, need a way to capture and store the power produced by the sun on a clear day, so it can be used when it is most needed; when the sun isn't shining. Using a battery storage system gives them a way to do this.  The batteries can discharge power when it is actually needed (see shifting example).  Furthermore, it can be dispatched in a consistent manner for continuous power (see smoothing example).

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